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Swiss powerhouse Rinspeed created mobility ecosystem Snap - the sum of its parts is greater than the whole

Self-driving cars, stuffed full of short-lived IT components, will help solve the transport problems in urban areas in the foreseeable future - and not just there. To this end, Swiss powerhouse of ideas Rinspeed has designed an elaborate and unparalleled mobility ecosystem in its latest concept car, the "Snap." Rinspeed boss Frank M. Rinderknecht makes the hardware and software, which is bound to be outdated quickly, part of the high-wear chassis ("skateboard") - and separates it from the durable passenger safety cell ("pod").

Andy Zbinden: Möbeldesigner in Tartu

Der Schweizer Andy Zbinden, 60, wohnhaft bisher in Zürich, aufgewachsen im Kanton Bern, Berufserfahrung als Elektroniker, Programmierer, Netzwerktechniker, Produktmanager und Unternehmensberater hat sich in Estland angesiedelt. Andy Zbindens Webseite unter befindet sich derzeit noch im Neuaufbau. Seit geraumer Zeit entwickelte er eine Passion für Möbel allgemein; besonders durch seine Erfahrung mit Informatikarbeitsplätzen für Büromöbel im digitalen Zeitalter. Das Thema führte ihn in diverse Städte Europas und in die USA.

Telecoms Industry Obsesses with Millimeter Wave, But 3.5 GHz Will be the Killer 5G band

Will 5G mmWave Technology Be Up to Speed For 5G Mobile Broadband in 2019-2020? The industry has had to tap into a wide range of radio spectrum frequencies from sub-1GHz to 100GHz including licensed, unlicensed, and shared spectrum to address the potential of 5G. According to new findings from ABI Research, while the use of mmWave is one of the most distinguishing features of 5G, in the near term the C-Band is emerging with the most global consensus for the timely launch of commercial 5G network in 2019.

Alongside Norway, Finland is home to the world’s first fully electrical car ferries

First full electric ferry Ampere was launched in Norway 2 years ago. Quiet, elegant and comfortable electric vessel which transports passengers and their cars safely between Parainen and Nauvo in the Finnish Archipelago started now in Finland.

Hardware is the key to winning the artificial intelligence race, says GlobalData

Major wireless tech companies are in a race to develop artificial intelligence (AI) to lock users into their respective ecosystems and many are discovering they can’t compete effectively in AI without investments in hardware, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Uptime developers build a hat which helps blind people use traffic lights safely

In TechnoHack, a traditional format hackathon at Mectory technology centre in Tallinn, Uptime developers participated by building a hat for blind people which recognizes traffic lights.

Teams arrived on Friday and they had to be ready in Sunday evening to present a working prototype, as this format of event usually demands. From Uptime, Tanel Hiob, Liisi Mõtshärg, Carl-Martin Ivask and Siim Orasmäe hacked the software and hardware for 48 hours to be ready for a Sunday presentation.

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