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LIFT99 raised investment round for a platform to grow more unicorn startups from CEE

Taizo Son, the Founder of Mistletoe and of Japanese mobile gaming company GungHo leads an investment round of $2,3 Mil to develop a skillsharing platform from founders to founders that will transform the way startup entrepreneurs share their expertise and learn.

automatica 2018: Human-robot interaction is a key to unlock the potential of service robotics

Advances in human-robot interaction, enabled by graphics displays, artificial intelligence and sensors, are ushering in a new generation of service robots that are easy to programme and intuitive to use. In Munich, from 19 to 22 June, 2018, automatica will demonstrate how state-of-the-art products and systems - from flexible, collaborative robot tools to smart warehouses and humanoids - place people at the heart of their design, enabling not only better assistance and collaboration but also reduced costs.

Viking Grace transforms into a sailing ship

Viking Line starts collaboration with the winds of the Baltic Sea. The M/S Viking Grace is the first passenger ship in the world equipped with a rotor sail for the utilisation of wind power. Developed by the Finnish company Norsepower Oy Ltd, the Rotor Sail Solution will cut fuel consumption and reduce emissions by up to 900 tonnes annually.

Viking Line will operate the Viking Grace on windassisted voyages between Turku (Finland) and Stockholm (Sweden) from April 12th 2018.

European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre Estonia accepted three new start-ups

European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre Estonia (ESA BIC Estonia) had three new start-ups join the incubation program focusing on ground-based application of space technologies.

ESA BIC Estonia, opened end of last year, held a successful second round with six applicants. In March 22nd, an official evaluation board was held with representatives form ESA and ESA BIC Estonia’s consortia partners, choosing three start-ups to join ESA BIC Estonia.

Finnish Smartphone Producer Bittium presented Bittium Tough Mobile smartphone and innovative Bittium Tough Mobile HybridX solution

Finnish smartphone producer Bittium (based in Oulu) presented Bittium Tough Mobile, secure LTE smartphone, and innovative Bittium Tough Mobile HybridX extension at the British APCO exhibition for authorities in Coventry, United Kingdom, on March 20 – 21. The new Bittium Tough Mobile HybridX extension gives Bittium Tough Mobile a new user interface and functionalities that are very useful in demanding Public Safety use.

VIDEO: Boost innovation with updated laws, education and new funding

Europe can close its innovation gap with other parts of the world by establishing better conditions for innovation. This means enacting flexible legislation and codes of conduct that give start-ups more freedom to create, says the EPP Group’s Michał Boni. The EU can also encourage innovation by supporting 5G Internet technology, financing for start-ups, and by supporting more education.

Graphene Ultracapacitors Deliver 34% Fuel Savings in One of the Largest Container Terminals in the Baltic Sea

Skeleton Technologies, the European leader in the production of ultracapacitors, and Transiidikeskus, one of the leading container terminals in the Baltic Region with an annual capacity of 600 000 TEU, unveil a Rubber Tyre Gantry (RTG) crane equipped with a graphene ultracapacitors powered kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) reducing the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 34%.

The Muuga Crane KERS solution in Estonia recuperates energy while the crane is lowering the cargo and re-uses the same energy for lifting.

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