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TechChill throws its doors open – invites the world into the startup forge that is the Baltics

For the first time ever, TechChill, the leading and probably 2021's only startup event in the Baltics, is throwing the doors open to the world on May 20-21. Anyone, anywhere, will have the chance to take a look into the inner workings of the most startup-friendly region of the world.

TechChill will be held digitally, making it possible for anyone to access the event that previously has been restricted to those ready to travel. As the only major startup event of 2021, this is the best chance for others to take a peek into how this region fosters an environment of innovation to continually put out startup heavyweights.

The event, which will be made up of 10+ side events, workshops, roundtables, a pitch battle, and keynotes, will be spread out over 2 weeks, culminating in the major event on May 20-21. The Fifty Founders Battle will award one startup with 10,000 EUR, no strings attached, and up to 150,000 EUR in investment from the TechChill syndicate.

The umbrella theme is “The Point of No Return”. The time has come to face the music, the new reality that has changed our lives as we know it – our workplaces, our habits, our interpersonal relationships, and our environment. This has impacted everything, and startups are no exception.TechChill will be tackling the new reality head-on, focusing on three main agenda topics:

  1. Digital transformation by TWINO– under the realities of increased automation, robotization, AI, and 5G, industry 4.0 is upon us, and it's changing the way we think about everyday processes. Already moving quickly, it has been accelerated by the pandemic, and a topic that no one can afford to ignore. What does it mean for startups? Speakers include - Kristine Lasenko of Facebook Gaming, Marek Unt of Grunfin, Chris O'Brien of VentureBeat, Anthony Kennada of Hopin, Pernilla Hallberg of Hyper Island, and more.
  2. Green new world by Swedbank – the climate revolution is here. Sustainability is becoming the new profitability. The European Green Deal has set out an ambitious goal to make the EU climate neutral by 2050. Banking on green innovation could simultaneously be an opportunity for Europe to become more globally competitive, but also an opportunity for startups to put the pedal to the metal regarding sustainability innovation. Speakers include - Cecile Bussy of Sifted, Barbara Belvisi of Interstellar Lab, Alexi Coffey of Steward, and Philipp Stangl of Rebel Meat, Fredrik Nilzén ow Swedbank and more.
  3. Knowledge for growth – with the increasing normality of long-term remote work, economic shifts, and demand for a highly-skilled workforce (particularly in small markets such as the Baltics), it raises the question if certain communities and demographics are receiving the knowledge they need for personal and collective growth. How can we help, and how can we stimulate the accessibility of market-relevant knowledge? Speakers include - Dora Palfi of imagiLabs, Jenifer Clausell Tormos of Develop Diverse, Valentina Milanova of Daye, Anastasija Oļeiņika from TWINO and more.

This will mark TechChill's 10th year – and while the party won't be in person this year, it's a milestone birthday that the world is invited to celebrate.

“Is there a better time to celebrate TechChill's 10th anniversary? Yes, the past year has been apocalyptic. Despite it all, we've been keeping up the drive to continue whatever digital or physical effort it takes to make this event happen – because stopping is the easy way out. Our team has had to move fast, adapt to difficult situations, and dig deep for perseverance. We're the outliers, and we need no proof - we are the only major startup ecosystem event in the Baltics in 2021. On top of it all, we're seeing record investor interest, showing us that the world is eager to see what startups the Baltics have to display this year,” said Annija Mežgaile, TechChill CEO.

To join the 2000+ participants and see how the Baltics have been doing it for the past decade, tickets are available at