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The European offshore wind industry: record €18 billion invested

Offshore wind in Europe saw a net 1,558 MW of additional installed grid-connected capacity in 2016. This was 48% less than in 2015. A net addition of 338 new offshore wind turbines across six wind farms were grid-connected from 1 January to 31 December 2016.

The industry announced a record €18.2 billion of investments in new wind farms to be built in the coming years.  This represents a further 4.9 GW of new capacity across five countries, half of it in the UK.

OpenSynergy paves way for next-generation autonomous devices with virtualization for ARM’s most advanced real-time processor

To address increasing software complexity in devices such as autonomous vehicles and industrial control systems, this approach allows for the isolation of safety-critical functions from those that require less stringent control. In addition, it enables the consolidation of applications onto fewer electronic control units (ECUs) to both manage complexity and reduce cost.

ABB wins $640 million mega deal for long distance power transmission link in India

New link across over 1,800 km will be capable of bringing electricity to more than 80 million people.

ABB has teamed up with India’s national electricity grid operator Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (POWERGRID) in a mega project worth over $640 million for ABB to deliver a transmission link that will have the capacity to bring reliable electricity to more than 80 million people. The Raigarh-Pugalur 800 kilovolt (kV) ultra-high-voltage direct current (UHVDC) system will connect Raigarh in Central India to Pugalur in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

Robotex 2016 – how total failure comes to a very useful lesson

„Comparing our results with previous successful year, we have a lot o learn about,“ summarizes Uptime CTO Raimo Seero, what happened at Robotex 2016. „Our supported teams had not reached to top first three places (the best place was 6th), but nevertheless we have a very good feeling,“ is Raimo fulfilled. „We got some very good lessons.“

NATO CCD COE Contributed to NATO’s Cyber Coalition Exercise

The NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence provided technical and legal storylines focusing on the internet of things and international law applicable to cyber space to NATO’s Cyber Coalition 2016 exercise.

The Centre’s contribution addressed the fundamental issues of digital forensics and attribution.

A record-breaking number of teams have signed up for Robotex

1132 teams have signed up for Robotex this year. It is more than the previous Guinness record of 1075 teams at the VEX Worlds robot competition that took place in the United States in April 2016.

Robotex, the biggest robotics competition in Europe from last year, is aiming to be the largest in the world next year, in connection to the 100 th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

Meet Koda - a concrete house You can have in 7 hours

Group of Estonian designers and engineers constructed simple house, what uses solar energy and can move with You.

Small house is built ecologically. Air in a KODA house is cleaned and keeps right level of humidity. Vacuum-insulated concrete walls keep warmth and stop noise, with solar panels on the roof You can be almost energy independent. Usually KODA returns more power to the grid than it uses. Features like these mean that little or no energy is wasted:

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