GrabCAD has hit 4 million members worldwide

GrabCAD, the world’s largest online community for engineers, designers, manufacturers and students, has hit 4 million members worldwide.

Founded in Estonia in 2010, GrabCAD began life as a service bureau connecting engineers with engineering jobs, but it was the power of its Community that soon took on a life all its own. Today, as part of 3D printing giant Stratasys, GrabCAD has over 100 software professionals working in five locations worldwide, including Tallinn, Boston, Cambridge, UK, Israel and Minneapolis, USA.

The GrabCAD Community is a place where members from around the world come together to share their unique skills and knowledge. Whether it’s posting amazing CAD models, answering each other’s questions, showing off their skills by creating insightful tutorials, or participating in innovative design challenges, GrabCAD is at its best when its members share and learn from other members. The Community is a place for thought-leadership and education for the latest in engineering, design, and manufacturing, a place where professionals can show off their skills and encourage others to learn the same.

In 2014, GrabCAD was acquired by Stratasys, the world’s leading 3D Printing solutions provider, and the company has been accelerating its development of groundbreaking 3D printing software ever since.

GrabCAD offers two software applications (with more under development): GrabCAD Workbench and GrabCAD Print. GrabCAD Print is the most complete solution for Stratasys 3D printers available. The intuitive, easy-to-use software allows for simplified preparing, scheduling, monitoring, and reporting of print jobs. With the ability to read CAD files natively, GrabCAD Print offers an efficient workflow that streamlines job management in shared office and model shop environments using Stratasys FDM and Polyjet printers. GrabCAD Workbench manages the complexity of engineering projects with private, secure collaboration, CAD file management, and version control built in.