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Hadrian X - one-handed bricklaying robot is ready for production

House building and brick laying is not hand made any more. Fastbrick Robotics have develoiped a one-arm robot who can "3d print" brick walls many times faster than homan. Their developed robot is ready for production now.

Hadrian X can place 1000 bricks per hour, and many building companies are interested using this system for building quicly new homes. For example, Saudi Arabia is interested of robotic building of 50 000 houses until 2022.

This is how robotic bricklaying looks like:

MassChallenge - the Global Accelerator Program is Looking for 200 of the Most Innovative Startups in the CEE Region

MassChallenge, in collaboration with PKO Bank Polski and Foundation for Technology Entrepreneurship, are opening submissions from September 1st for the first ever Bridge to MassChallenge Warsaw program. MassChallenge is one of the largest startup accelerators in the world operating in the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Mexico and Israel. The program is dedicated to ready-to-go-global startups from Central and Eastern Europe.

Advanced Direct Quality Control for Asphalt Compaction Helps Intelligently Build Quality Roads

Intelligent road pavement works were one of the topics in The 29th International Baltic Road Conference in Tallinn. O-Mag publishes short presentation of Winfried Schramm from BOMAG GmbH, who introduces system how pavement works can be done more intelligently. Operators can see current sitoation on the road when pavement is placed and control the process for better results.

VIDEO: NATO Troops Build a Pontoon Bridge Over the River in Lithuania to Move Tanks

Military bridges are built very quick and they have to carry heavy arvmoured vehicles - it´s not a simple task. If river is wide enough, only puntoon bridge is possible.

The fastest way of building a long pontoon bridge is to use special amphibian vehicles.

Troops from Lithuania and Poland conduct a water crossing operation utilizing M3 Amphibious Rigs in Rukla, Lithuania, during Saber Strike 17.

3D Model Made by Drone: Look Around above Old Patarei Prison Castle

You can do 3D model for engineering, marketing or design works simply by flying over desired object and stiching drone images together with Bentley Context Capture software to get 3D model. 

With drone photos and CAD-Süsteemide OÜ software works with Bentley Context Capture it was possible to create model, what You can see from different angles, zoom in and zoom out or export as model to use at different occasions. You can see missing roof what moved away during storm and it´s clearly seen in ground. 

Top 5 Ways Your Smart Home Can Help You Keep Your Home Safe During Your Vacation


By Rafi Zauer, Head of Marketing, Essence

With smart technologies, you are never too far from home, even if you travel to the other side of the globe. All it takes is a glance at your smartphone to monitor and manage your house, which is highly convenient now that you are about to start your vacation.

Here are five ways in which your smart home will help hold the fort while you bask in the sun and enjoy a mojito or begin your autumn travels, knowing that all your belongings are well cared for.

KOF Index of Globalization 2017: Netherlands Are the Most Globalized Country

The current KOF Index of Globalization reflects the extent of economic, social and political globalization in 2014. According to the KOF Globalization Index, the degree of globalization was higher in 2014 than in the preceding year, and the rise was the most significant since 2007.

3 Million European Homes Now Have Connected Heating Controls

Delta-ee's latest European State of the Market Report has found 3M homes in Europe are equipped with smart thermostats or connected room heating controls and that number is set to grow to 9M by the end of 2019.

The connected home market is developing very rapidly.

"There are two key trends in this space today," explains Arthur Jouannic, Senior Analyst and Connected Home expert at Delta-ee.

The European offshore wind industry: record €18 billion invested

Offshore wind in Europe saw a net 1,558 MW of additional installed grid-connected capacity in 2016. This was 48% less than in 2015. A net addition of 338 new offshore wind turbines across six wind farms were grid-connected from 1 January to 31 December 2016.

The industry announced a record €18.2 billion of investments in new wind farms to be built in the coming years.  This represents a further 4.9 GW of new capacity across five countries, half of it in the UK.

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