Aviatar: Lufthansa Develops Digital Twin

How many aircrafts are currently in the air? Where is repair required? Users of the AVIATAR platform from Lufthansa Technik have their eye on all of the data regarding their fleet.

Having an overview saves money. When an airline wants to make optimal use of its fleet, it needs innumerable facts. In particular, facts to do with maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO). How many aircraft are currently undergoing maintenance? Which ones had to land due to an unplanned repair? How long does it take to obtain a replacement aircraft?

ABB accelerates start-up ideas as “Unlock Your Ability” Challenge advances

ABB has named the winners of the “Unlock Your Ability” Challenge, a search for ideas with the potential to revolutionize energy distribution. The pioneering technology company will provide backing and technical support to Zaphiro, BEE beyond energy efficiency and Windcity, start-ups that aim to improve the reliability of existing energy infrastructure by using grid sensors, controllers and automation software to operate medium- and low-voltage grids more effectively, to move beyond energy efficiency, by linking distributed generation and storage systems at smaller sites via the cloud, and to develop a new small-scale generator technology, respectively.

SEAT becomes the First Carmaker in Europe with an Android Auto App in the Play Store

SEAT has taken another step further in car connectivity after becoming the first brand in the European industry to feature an app that is compatible with Android Auto™. The Android-developed SEAT DriveApp is now available in the Google Play™ Store and allows drivers to view and manage the content of the App installed in an Android™ device on the screen of the car.

An Estonian Defence Company’s Technology is Tracking Terrorists in the Indonesian Jungle

How can we know what a terrorist, hiding in the mountains of Indonesia, is up to; or the reason for an illegal immigrant sneaking into Latvia; or the situation at a Columbian oil rig? Finding the answers to these and similar questions, most of them related to border security, is all part of a day’s work at Defendec - an Estonian defence sector company.

Climeworks launches world’s first commercial plant to capture CO2 from air

Climeworks has launched the world’s first commercial plant that captures atmospheric CO2 for supply and sale to a customer. The Swiss direct air capture company launched the commercial-scale Direct Air Capture (DAC) plant, featuring its patented technology that filters carbon dioxide from ambient air. The plant is now supplying 900 tonnes of CO2 annually to a nearby greenhouse to help grow vegetables. The plant is a historic step for negative emissions technology – earmarked by the Paris climate agreement as being vital in the quest to limit a global temperature rise of 2 °C.

DHL Supply Watch: Machine learning to mitigate supplier risks

Today, DHL introduced a new integral part of its Resilience360 supply chain risk management platform called DHL Supply Watch. The extension of DHL’s early warning system uses machine learning and natural language processing to detect disruptions in a company’s supply base before they cause financial losses or long lasting reputational damage.

With Supply Watch, DHL Resilience360 is adding a broad range of new risk categories to the system’s existing portfolio to monitor supplier risks on a company level, including financial indicators, mergers & acquisition, environmental damages, supply shortages, quality issues and labor disputes, using publically available data found by monitoring of online and social media sources.

Slovakia´s Deputy PM Peter Pellegrini Briefed on Recent Developments in Cyber Defence

Tallinn-based NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence welcomed today Mr. Peter Pellegrini, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic for Investments and Informatization. He was briefed on the recent developments in cyber defence and the flagship initiatives of the NATO CCD COE, such as the most comprehensive legal handbook Tallinn Manual 2.0, new elements of the recent Locked Shields exercise and upcoming CyCon conference, one of the annual highlights for the global cyber security community.


World's Largest Search Engine for 3D Printable Models Launched

What Google, Bing or Yahoo did for searching and finding content and information on the Internet, new search engine IFind3D will trying to do for printable 3D models. Users may consider the launch of the search engine to be a huge step towards maturity of the consumer 3D printing industry.

After a developing period of 1.5 years 3D Ninja, the largest reseller of 3D printers in The Netherlands, officially launches http://www.ifind3d.com, the world's largest search engine for 3D printable models, containing 740.029 designs. IFind3D combines all online libraries for 3D printable models in one fast and responsive engine, making it easy for end users to find 3D printable models.