World Energy Trends, Outlook and Strategies to 2025- Which fuels and Strategies Will Prevail in the Rapidly Changing Environment?

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World energy industry is steadily moving towards stability after the turbulence in recent years. Markets are responding positively to early signs of compliance. Over the near term future, we expect oil prices to remain under pressure despite posing an upward trend in 2017. Most markets will shift towards increased efficiency and low cost oil and gas production.

Bharat Book Bureau announces the addition of the report "World Energy Trends, Outlook and Strategies to 2025- Which fuels and Strategies will prevail in the rapidly changing environment " to its offering.

The gas and renewable energy sectors are expected to gain from these recent conditions. Gas continues to outpace other fuels as a cleaner alternative to coal power and nuclear power. Renewable energy is forecast to witness highest growth rates among all fuels and will become commercial at scales. Among renewable fuels, the wind and solar will outpace the other fuels, driven by the technological advances and lowered costs.

Sample copy of World Energy Market Report

Amid the dynamic shifts in energy mixes in different regions of the world, OGANALYSIS, the leading publisher of energy reports on a global scale has published its sixth version of the report- "World Energy Trends, Outlook and Strategies to 2025" with focus on the effective strategies and fuels that are expected to succeed in the future.

The report estimated major trends, drivers and challenges ahead of oil, gas, coal, wind, solar, hydro and nuclear energy sectors. Further, it forecasts the emergence of demand of each of these fuels on a regional scale and global scale to 2025. Current market dynamics, price fluctuations and competitive scenarios of each of these markets is analyzed in detail.

The publication is one of the best selling research works in the industry focusing on entire energy value chain and includes reliable forecasts and future trends. More than 50 energy industry trends, 60+ forecasts, 6 regions, are covered in the analytical work.