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Husqvarna makes its boundary-wire free technology available to all - Two new models for the midsized garden

Husqvarna, world leader in robotic lawn care, now extends its range of wire-free robotic lawn mowers with two Automower® models. Following recent launches specifically targeting professionals and landowners, garden owners will be pleased to hear that the new models cater for midsized gardens. Both Automower® 310E NERA and 410XE NERA are compatible with Husqvarna´s EPOS satellite navigation system, letting the user create virtual boundaries with the ease of a mobile phone. With these two models, Husqvarna also introduces its groundbreaking EdgeCut technology, designed to keep the edges of the lawn perfectly cut.

Last year, Husqvarna introduced a new era in robotic lawn care with NERA, a range that supports boundary wire-free autonomous mowing. The range now grows with two robotic lawn mowers designed for gardens up to 1000 square meters. Husqvarna Automower® 310E NERA and Husqvarna Automower® 410XE NERA support Husqvarna´s trusted EPOS satellite technology system, which gives a precision of 2-3 cm. The user simply uses the Automower® Connect app to create the virtual boundaries of the garden. The app can also help the user create anything from different work areas and stay out zones, to adjust the cutting height electronically. It offers full control of the lawn mowing even remotely.

The new models also feature the launch of Husqvarna´s new EdgeCut technology. EdgeCut reduces the need for manual trimming around the edges of the lawn, thanks to an additional, smaller, cutting disc in the rear that does the job with high precision. Automower® 410XE NERA comes with radar technology that helps the mower navigate around objects on the lawn, ensuring the mowing is not interrupted by toys or other objects left behind on the lawn.

With these new models, we are offering our smoothest and smartest lawn care experience to date for the regular garden owner. NERA is designed to give the user full control via their mobile phone, with the added flexibility of virtual boundaries. It is designed as a fully automated and hassle-free experience, says Ryan Patterson, Residential Segment Manager at Husqvarna.

With NERA, the user always has a choice of using physical boundary wires, virtual boundaries or a combination of both. Virtual boundary mowing requires an EPOS kit, which consists of a small plug-in accessory for the mower and a discrete reference station that is typically attached to the roof/wall of the house. The EPOS kit is sold as a separate accessory.

About Husqvarna Automower® 410XE NERA and 310E NERA

  • Working area capacity: 1000m²
  • Max slope performance: 30%
  • Accessories: EPOS Plug-in module for Wire-free operation
  • Connectivity: 410XE NERA BT/Wi-Fi /Cellular; 310E NERA BT/Wi-Fi
  • Cutting height: 20-55mm
  • Edge cutting down to 1 cm
  • Object avoidance:  410XE NERA - yes
  • Zone control: 410XE NERA - yes /310E NERA - with EPOS-kit