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Estonian hospitals will rely on ABB UPSs for energy supply security

The new year has started busy for ABB. From this year on, the operation of vital equipment in some of major Estonian hospitals will be ensured by ABB UPS devices even in the event of power outages

"In the beginning of last year, the Estonian State allocated funds for all hospitals in order to improve energy security.  Estonian hospitals are in the process of upgrading their back-up power supplies. The latter are necessary to ensure that hospitals have a continuous power supply. We completed the UPS supply for Narva Hospital as well as the Läänemaa Hospital in Haapsalu, and we are in the final stages of supplying UPSs for another large hospital," said Dmitry Zelenko, ABB sales specialist, adding that it only took  12 weeks from the signing of the contract to the delivery of the supply. Zelenko stressed the equipment provided is highly reliable.

"ABB equipment ensures critical power continuity for medical equipment in hospitals. For example, medical equipment such as what is needed in the surgery room now operates without interruption thanks to UPSs supplied by ABB. Sshould there be a power outage in the network of the hospital, critical equipment will now be guaranteed to operate until power is restored for a certain period of time," said Zelenko. 

While a smaller unit was provided to Narva Hospital, ABB's 2022 model UPS DPA250s4 with a capacity of 150 kW was delivered to Haapsalu Hospital - the first UPS of this type delivered in Estonia. The quality of the equipment were also FAT-tested (Factory Testing Acceptance) in the ABB UPS Factory located in Switzerland. 

"During the FAT test, the customer, together with the ABB staff involved in the project, checks that the equipment meets the contractual requirements. During the tests, the safety of the equipment is checked and its functionality and safety features are tested. FAT testing also reduces the commissioning time for the customer," Zelenko explained.

"This UPS supply is important for Haapsalu Hospital because the hospital has a lot of medical equipment necessary for its operation and we are sensitive to power fluctuations and interruptions because of the nature of our work. The UPS significantly improves the quality of the power supply, which was the objective of this purchase. In addition, by placing the UPS with batteries into a separate room, it opens up the possibility of removing the small UPS's from the medical equipment, solving a problem of space utilization. The reasons behind this upgrade are commonplace, there is significantly more equipment in a hospital than in an office buildings," said Madis Raudsepp, Administrative Manager of SA Läänemaa Haigla.

Soon the equipment will be installed at the Central Tallinn Hospital, where one talks about completely different capacity. "In the case of Tallinn Hospital, we talk about UPSs with a capacity of 600 and 900 kW. As soon as we reach the next phase, we will take the customer to the factory in Świtzerland to carry out a FAT test, following a train to the customer on how to use the equipment," Zelenko added. 

„Projects like the UPS installations in Estonian hospitals form a chain of crucial steps towards a more resilient and a sustainable energy future for many businesses and state institutions,“ Dainius Bružas, the Head of ABB Electrification Business in the Baltics said. „There is a clear raise in the demand for solutions to ensure reliability and efficiency in energy supply, be it for hospitals or other vital infrastructure, and ABB has the product portfolio for that. The energy demand will continue to rise, projects like UPS installations to hospitals are an example of how our partnership guarantees a safe and reliable electrical solutions´ installation with quality certificates from our UPS factory in Switzerland,“ Bružas comments.

Dainius Bruzas, ABB Head of Electrification Business
Dainius Bruzas, ABB Head of Electrification Business.

ABB has been active in the Baltic countries since 1991 and employs more than 1,200 people in the three countries. ABB operates two plants in Estonia, one for motors and generators as well as one for frequency converters. ABB's product portfolio includes medium and low voltage electrical equipment and systems, electrical drives and industrial automation solutions, maintenance services. The plants stand out for engineering solutions, high quality and faster delivery times, combined with global sustainability and an ESG agenda. ABB's frequency converter factory in Estonia,  is the largest ABB Group factory in its field. ABB has  recently been awarded the ABB Employer Mental Health Silver Label, which speaks volumes about the company's reputation as an employer of choice. ABB is a member of Lithuanian Linpra (Lihtuanian Engineering and Technology Industry Association), and  a newly appointed a member of the Estonian Electronics Industry Association.