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Solare Headset provides endless hands-free talk recharging from at any type of light

One of the leading providers of communications headsets, Blue Tiger announced today that it is now shipping the Solare headset, the world’s first solar-powered professional communications headset. Perfect for hands-free driving and home or work use, the powerful Solare headset harvests light from any source, including indoor or outdoor, for continuous use and a virtually unlimited battery life.

Product is a winner of numerous awards, including the CES 2022 Innovation Award, Green Builder Sustainable Product of the Year 2022, TWICE 2022 Picks Award, Innovation & Tech Top 50, and more. Solare is available now at Amazon and select retailers worldwide.

Headphones provide 97% noise canceling and high-quality speaker technologies, military grade (MIL-STD-810) endurance and limitless talk time.

Targeted to road warriors and professionals, including truckers, professional drivers, commuters, long distance travelers, customer service reps, delivery personnel, home office and office professionals for Zoom calls and training/education, the Solare military-grade Bluetooth headset combines patented solar technology to convert any kind of light into energy for virtually unlimited use without recharging, with powerful 97% noise cancellation technology and high-quality speaker components - all powered by a flexible solar cell for a seamless driving and work communications experience. Solare continuously self-charges when exposed to indoor or outdoor light, eliminating the worry about battery life, so everyone can receive and transmit essential communications clearly.


“We are excited to ship the world’s first solar powered wireless communications headset to the market,” said Chantal Saah, President, Blue Tiger USA. “Solare is changing hands-free communications, ensuring a safer driving experience and a cleaner, sustainable energy source for all, whether in the office, at home, or on the road. Solare is the first of its kind and we are very proud to introduce it.”

Sustainable Solar Technology

Solare employs patented Powerfoyle solar technology, a unique nano material innovation that transforms any outdoor and indoor natural or artificial light into clean, endless energy. Inspired by the natural principle of photosynthesis to harvest light, Solare incorporates a thin, non-toxic, printed, flexible plastic solar cell with zero emissions production, durable for comfortable long-time use. The solar cell technology uses light from a wide variety of angles and works equally with indoor or outdoor light.

Solare Features:

  • Military Grade MIL-STD-810 endurance for extreme environments and ruggedness
  • Solar Technology: uses patented Powerfoyle solar cell technology
  • No need to recharge: provides virtually unlimited use without the need to recharge
  • Limitless talk time
  • Noise canceling: 97% Noise cancelation for clear audio
  • High-quality speaker components
  • Flexible headband: durable, reliable, and seamlessly integrated -- comfortable for long-time use
  • Operating Temperatures: -20 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees
  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology with extended 91 m range
  • Siri and Google Assistant compatible: for hands-free communication
  • Water resistant, IPX4 

Pricing & Availability

The award-winning Solare is available priced at $219.99.