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The first green district will be built in Tallinn

Wolfscape’s pilot project transforms an industrial seaside neighborhood in North Tallinn, known as Paljassaare Harbour, into a smart neighborhood that is circular by design. It will be the first new major region built in the 21st century in Tallinn and the biggest climate-neutral district project in the Baltics.

The location by the sea creates an opportunity to use natural resources available for building a closed renewable energy infrastructure that provides electricity and water for the district. The green and walkable area of 480 000 m2 will be shared equally between residential and commercial buildings, making a sustainable living environment and a fertile location for green businesses to flourish. The neighborhood’s ~16,000 future residents and people working in the area will benefit from the diverse and smart mobility solutions including a public transportation system conveniently linked with the rest of the city, plentiful green spaces around and within the area including urban farms and community gardens, savings on electricity and heating with 100% green energy, better air quality, community involvement, and most importantly – the ease of living more sustainably in an environment fostering circular economy.

From the preliminary work, the first residences will be completed within three to five years. It will take about 30 years to fully develop the whole area.

The growing list of project partners includes Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), the flagship of engineering/IT science and education in Estonia, Rohetiiger, the collaboration platform for creating a basis for a green economy in Estonia, and Siemens Mobility, the leader in transport solutions.