Revolutionary Automatic Self-charging Smart Watch: Sequent SuperCharger2 looks for growdsourcing

Sequent SuperCharger2 is a fundamental re-engineering of award-winning first and only smart watch with an Automatic Self-Charging battery system, providing world record power autonomy. Smartwatch is pledged $377,898 of $49,433 goal for now.

This new award winning Swiss engineering smartwatch has some groundbreaking features: the more you move, the more you transform 100% clean kinetic energy into electrical power to support the high precision built-in sensors, that track all your activities.

As a world premier, the watch in combination with the cutting edge Sequent BioFeedback app generates "SQ coins," a crypto currency which will unlock financial advantages for additional health services and products. The SuperCharger² also reduces effectively your individual carbon footprint because its technology is saving millions of batteries per year and the watchbands are made from recycled Ocean Plastics.

Advanced hybrid smart watch is exclusively available on from this August. Prices start from 179 USD.

Sequent is a leading smart technology start-up, providing cutting edge solutions for the consumer health care sector. In 2017 the company raised over USD 1.2 Mio in pre-orders, becoming the most successful Swiss Kickstarter campaign, delivering thousands of smart watches to over 135 countries. With the second generation of smart watches, the company introduces a unique crypto currency reward program to motivate people for a healthier lifestyle while reducing their individual carbon footprint.