What’s Better than Farm-To-Table? Kitchen-To-Table!

Food harvested right before consuming is the best for preserve all minerals, nutrients and vitamins.
This is unparalleled freshness, taste and smell. Who can stand by, passively witnessing the loss of food’s original taste and the damage to our health & planet that the food industry has imposed upon us?

After 4 years of substantive investments and efforts, Natufia Labs has become a leading research lab and a specialized manufacturer of high technology content hydroponic equipment specially designed for the greatest chefs who share our vision about original taste, traceability, pesticides, GMOs, herbicides, and the responsibility we all have toward our planet.


Everyone can grow anything from basil to lemongrass, or a seed packet of nutrient-rich microgreens. The seeds come in a seedpod. The choice of seeds is constantly expanding, all of the seeds are non-GMO and certified organic.

Giving for plants a good start in life is half the battle when it comes to successful growing — and the nursery tray is where they will start their journey. It provides the perfect spectrum of light needed for plants to grow: strong enough for germination, low enough to keep the roots unstressed.

The next important step is transferring seedlings from the tray into the cups. Two pull-out racks hold 32 handmade ceramic cups and a total of 165 microgreen plates or a combination of both. The cups are poreless, which helps to minimize bacteria and keep the plants healthy.

Watering in Natufia Kitchen Garden is fully automated, cascading from the top to down to each cup. This ensures each plant receives the necessary amount of water and nutrients, which are dissolved directly into the water. Natufia even controls pH levels to ensure optimal health for plants.

Once the produce is ready to harvest, it is possible to pick just what needed directly for meal, exactly like from any garden.