Bolt launches new, custom-built scooter model

Designed and engineered focusing on modularity, Bolt’s new specially designed scooter is the most easy-to-repair scooter on the market right now. Thanks to the innovative modular design and engineering, most broken scooters can be restored and put back onto the streets, instead of simply disposing of them.

This recyclability brings two wins:

  1. It reduces waste;
  2. Whilst also cutting down on production and maintenance costs, which help make micro-mobility more affordable for a wider audience. 

Tech specs of Bolt custom-designed scooter:

  • Weighs 17kg, which makes it the lightest model used in scooter sharing. This reduced weight is achieved through the scooter being made of 90% aluminium, which comes at the additional advantage of being recyclable.
  • The scooter features inflatable tires that help ensure better grip and smoother, safer rides.
  • It can go for more than 40 km on a single charge.
  • The new scooter has a maximum speed of 25 km/h. But this is limited according to local regulations.
  • A new in-app safety feature called Beginner Mode allows users to limit the maximum speed of their ride to 15 km/h.
  • The scooter features front and rear lights, as well as front and side reflectors to help maintain riders’ safety during dark hours.

Additionally, the modular, yet extremely sturdy design — coupled with fewer moving parts — allows for superior repairability and a calculated lifetime of 36 months, and significantly lower use of plastic compared to competing models. The scooter’s reduced weight also means it operates with a meaningfully smaller carbon footprint.

The new model is designed in Estonia and is already available to riders in Faro, Warsaw, Krakow, and Bratislava. Bolt is planning to launch scooter services in 45 more cities this season.

Bolt, founded in Estonia in 2013, has raised more than $200 million from investors, including Daimler and China’s Didi Chuxing Technology Co.

Source: Bolt