Photovoltaic metal roof can produce energy

(Photo: roofing elements are building integrated photovoltaic modules that are developed and produced in Estonia.

These kind of roofs combine traditional Nordic roof design with modern photovoltaic technology. photovoltaic roof reduces the installation and the material cost of construction, in addition, it improves the energy class of private houses by one letter.

The studies show that as a result, the real estate market value increases by 4-8%. On top of that, our photovoltaic roofs reduce significantly the cost of ownership. Making the investment once, you can enjoy the production of electricity over decades.

It is okay to walk on our roofs. They withstand to the snow, rain and hail. The metal parts of the module are covered with high quality weather resistant PUR layer.  

Roofit roofing elements are available in 3 dimensions: 540x2189mm, 540x1873mm, 540x1567mm.