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Estonian startup's AI solution revolutionizes the development of antiviral drugs

Estonian HealthTech Startup Nora AI is leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to develop novel antiviral drugs. In collaboration with the Biosafety Laboratory of University of Tartu, the focus is on treating viruses with a global impact. The company's innovation lies in its drug development platform, Nora.

This platform aims to accelerate the drug development process by years, reduce costs by hundreds of millions of euros, and greatly increase the likelihood of clinical success. "Nora automates critical aspects of biomedical researchers' daily work. This includes summarizing scientific literature, searching databases for information, recommending new drug candidates, and communicating with the results of scientists' own laboratory experiments," explained Carmen Kivisild, co-founder and CEO of Nora AI. Additionally, the company plans to license the Nora platform to universities, research institutions, other startups, and pharmaceutical companies. "The potential of the Nora platform is too big to keep it just to ourselves," said Kivisild.

Mart Ustav Jr., the CSO of the award-winning Tartu biotechnology company Icosagen Cell Factory, expressed his enthusiasm for Nora AI´s plans. "Traditionally, it takes about ten years for a drug to reach the market, and a large number of these drugs fail at various stages of clinical development. Therefore, innovative companies like Nora AI, which could increase the likelihood of success by identifying the right targets, are very welcomed. We look forward to the completion of the Nora platform to test its impact on our drug development programs," added Ustav.

Recently, Nora AI raised € 65,000 from angel investors to build the Nora platform. Angel investors see an opportunity in Nora AI to contribute to global health development and save millions of lives. "The rapid advancement of technology and artificial intelligence has unlocked unprecedented opportunities in healthcare and drug development. I believe Nora AI is at the forefront of this revolution. Together, we can make drug development cheaper, more effective, and globally accessible," reasoned Arti Kütt, CEO of Cleveron, about his investment decision.

"Although the company is only three months old, we have already secured our first round of angel investment, earned spots in the Tehnopol AI Accelerator and the Tartu Biotechnology Park incubation program. And this is just the beginning," invited Kivisild everyone to join in celebrating the company's milestones.