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Key phrases in Estonian

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Key phrases in Estonian toiv Tue, 04/26/2022 - 09:18 Key phrases in Estonian

Here you have a short list of common words and phrases in Estonian. Learning Estonian can be fun!


  • Good morning! Tere hommikust!
  • Goodbye! Head aega!
  • Hello! Tere!
  • Thank you! Tänan!
  • Please Palun!
  • Excuse me, please… Vabandust, palun…
  • Where is …? Kus asub …?
  • Full time study Päevaõpe
  • First (1.) year study group Esimese (1.) aasta kursus
  • Second (2.) year study group Teise (2.) aasta kursus
  • Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management Heaolu- ja spaateenuste disain ja juhtimine
  • Monday esmaspäev, Tuesday teisipäev, Wednesday kolmapäev, Thursday neljapäev, Friday reede, Saturday laupäev, Sunday pühapäev
  • One üks, two kaks, three kolm, four neli, five viis, six kuus, seven seitse, eight kaheksa, nine üheksa, ten kümme
  • Date Kuupäev
  • Time Kellaaeg
  • What time it is? Mis kell on?
  • When? Millal?, Where? Kus?, How? Kuidas?, Why? Miks?
  • What does it cost? Mis see maksab?
  • Lecture loeng, Seminar seminar, Workshop töötuba, Online lecture veebiloeng
  • Event üritus, Party pidu, Meeting koosolek
  • Toilet Tualett/ WC
  • Where is WC? Kus on tualett/ WC?
  • Room Ruum
  • Auditorium Auditoorium
  • Wardrobe Riidehoid
  • Cafeteria Kohvik
  • Library Raamatukogu
  • Breakroom Puhkeruum
  • Washing machine Pesumasin

Free Estonian language course: www.keeleklikk.ee/index_en.html


Local food and cafés

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Local food and cafés toiv Mon, 04/25/2022 - 10:50 11,000 years of history

The Pärnu Museum has found a home in a centuries-old granary. The exhibition of our city’s and county’s history is vivified by a 13th or 14th-century river gate which was discovered during renovations, and through which the Hanseatic goods were traded. The so-called time-river created in the Museum takes you through 11,000 years of exciting history, and its interactive solutions guarantee a memorable experience for you and your whole family.


A sunset dinner

The tower at the well-known Ammende Villa is ideal for couples who wish to enjoy a romantic dinner at sunset. Luxurious champagne, delicious food, aromatic wine and cozy candlelit moments with your sweetheart – each day only grants us one sunset which will never be repeated...


Aromas and flavours of the herb garden

On the Tamme horticulture farm you can see a model herb garden which also features vegetables and edible decorative plants. Walk around in the paradise of smells and flavours and enjoy a cup of delicious herbal tea with a slice of herb pie made by the hostess herself. You can purchase preserves of berries, vegetables and herbs, as well as various blends of herb teas and other interesting products.


Pick berries and mushrooms yourself

Keep your eyes open when hiking in our forests because there is nothing better than taking a break from a hike and picking naturally growing strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or mushrooms. Ask your guide for the best places to do just that; cranberries, however, grow alongside our wooden bog tracks.


Concerts and festivals

Pärnu’s cultural life centers around one of Estonia’s best theaters, Endla, and the Pärnu Concert Hall. St. Elizabeth’s Church also hosts many excellent concerts. Traditionally, in the summer, many open-air concerts are held at Vallikääru’s stage, in the garden of Villa Ammende, on other outdoor stages and on the many grass fields of Pärnu’s parks.

Pärnu is well-known for the events that take place every summer – the annual Hanseatic Days and Guild Days festivals bring together craftsmen from near and far and fill the streets and parks with sights, sounds, and carefully designed handicrafts.

Several famous festivals, such as the Pärnu Music Festival led by Paavo Järvi, and the International Organ Festival, take place in Pärnu. The annual month-long Kabli Sunset Festival brings together thousands of music and culture lovers. Lasting several days, Kihnu Island’s Kihnu Sea Festival has gained such popularity that the ferry is too small to carry everyone interested in attending from the mainland to the island. Booking a ticket in advance prevents getting into this trouble.


Taste genuine Estonian food

In Pärnu County you can enjoy real Estonian food. You can find food made on old wood stoves, and also preserves of berries from people’s own gardens and fish and meat smoked by the locals themselves. The Estonian food range also includes dairy products from Pärnu County farms, such as yoghurt, butter and cream cheese.


Culture and history

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Culture and history toiv Mon, 04/25/2022 - 10:36 11,000 years of history

The Pärnu Museum has found a home in a centuries-old granary. The exhibition of our city’s and county’s history is vivified by a 13th or 14th-century river gate which was discovered during renovations, and through which the Hanseatic goods were traded. The so-called time-river created in the Museum takes you through 11,000 years of exciting history, and its interactive solutions guarantee a memorable experience for you and your whole family.


Festivals fill the city with music

Various cultural events take place in Pärnu all year round, many of which have become annual traditions. Throughout the summer, parks and seaside cafés are filled with ear-catching music. The August Insomnia Street Festival inundates the city centre and beaches with good food, enjoyable music and other fine arts.



Hustle and bustle in the winter

When the weather gets colder, most events in Pärnu move from the parks into the concert and exhibition halls.


Kihnu follows the wisdom of ancestors

Kihnu and Manija Islands are the home of a unique native culture preserved on Pärnu County coastal islands for more than six hundred years. The cultural space, which was included on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2003, keeps alive Kihnu’s folklore, handicraft and customs. The island of Kihnu is known as the home of seamen, fishermen and seal hunters. The men spent long periods of time at sea, entrusting the women with the everyday island life. Women have become the preservers and passers-on of local handicraft, dances, games and music. Their everyday clothing still includes a self-made striped Kihnu skirt called kört. The rules of life on Kihnu have changed with time, but to a considerable extent the ancestral wisdom is still followed. Many traditions and rituals are still alive, for instance, weddings on Kihnu Island last for three days, and it is especially interesting to visit the island on a day of popular or church celebrations.


Work with masters

Forge a souvenir coin in the historic Venus Bastion Smithy, make clay art in the cozy Maripott ceramics workshop located in an old wooden house, or visit the Maarja-Magdaleena Guild of a few dozen artisans, which, in 2010, was awarded the title of the Innovator of Estonian Tourism. You are welcome to realise your ideas, and under the guiding hand of a master your unique works of art will take shape and remind you of your vacation for many years to come.


A piece of Russian culture in an Estonian farm

Amidst the woods and bogs of Audru Parish, there is a little Russian cottage on the Sanga-Tõniste farm. Peeking in you will feel as if you were in a real Russian village where Yemelya lies on a stove nibbling cookies, porridge is cooking, the samovar is steaming, and blushing maidens are greeting guests. On this Estonian farm with a fascinating history you will learn about Russian national culture and traditions, and you can see Russian national costumes, taste Russian food and become acquainted with Russian applied art.


Have fun in nature

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Have fun in nature toiv Mon, 04/25/2022 - 10:30 A place with five seasons

Springtime in Pärnu County brings blossoming plants, returning birds and melting snow, and is the time for those interested in taking river trips as the water level is high and boats move faster. Memorable experiences are gained in the flooded areas. Soomaa is the largest flooded area in Estonia and the locals there tolerate the flood waters as they have had centuries to adjust to them. There is a saying that there are five seasons in Soomaa: spring, summer, autumn, winter and flood.


Discover the coast in a kayak

A kayak trip is just the right pastime for those loving nature, seas and crazy adventures. Discover the Pärnu County coast with a tour guide, paddle to islets, or see the city’s sights from the river or the bay.


A lot of fun from a watery joyride

Pärnu beach, with no rocks and shallow waters, is the safest place for surfing in Estonia and Scandinavia. On the beach promenade you will find a surf club and a surfing area where beginners can take lessons and rent the necessary equipment. Water activities are also available in the city centre; for instance, try cable wakeboarding in our summer wakepark. This environmentally friendly and easy sport is enjoyable for both kids and their parents.


To the sea with local fishermen

In Pärnu County you can be a real fisherman, which means getting up at daybreak when nets are cast into cool waters and taken out the next morning with their daily catch. You can fish with our coastal fishermen all year round. Pärnu River is a singular sight in the winter too when its icy lid is dotted with fishermen late into the night. Pikeperch, bass, pike, roach and crucian carp mainly bite here, but if you are really lucky, you may even catch a sea trout.


The adventure park attracts everybody

In the adventure park in Valgerand near Pärnu, both adventurous adults and kids over a metre tall can safely climb the attractions built high above the ground. The bridges and various obstacle courses on the trees allow you to experience something unique and enjoy views so much more different than those when walking on the ground. If there are at least a dozen adventurers in a group, you can all climb the trees and go on a photo hunt.


A popular place for bird watching

Both Pärnu County and the whole of West Estonia are important migration passages for millions of migratory birds who pass through here every spring and autumn. In special observation towers erected on the coast you can watch the birds on your own or take a guided tour. Both expert ornithologists as well as beginners discovering the world of birds will find this experience fulfilling.



Pärnu County is the land of marshes and bogs. You can discover most of them by walking along wooden tracks, but in places without such tracks you can bogshoe. Bogshoes are very environmentally friendly because they do not allow you to sink into the bog and damage the delicate soil. You can have a wonderful experience both in the autumn when the bogs are full of colour and in the winter when snow tracks offer hints of animal life.


A joyful trip on a push-sledge

It is a great joy to glide through snowy forests and over slippery ice in a light and fast push-sledge. If you care for beautiful winter nature, this is the entertainment for you. On a sporty trip you will enjoy snowy views, hot tea, great company and fascinating stories about the surroundings. We guarantee you blushing cheeks and a good mood!


A seminar in a bog

Nature lovers in Pärnu County can organise seminars and other business activities outside the office, amidst flowers and tweeting birds, even if it is just for a day. Wireless Internet is generally available in parks, and bogs as well.


Fresh air does you good

Clean sea air, pine forests and bogs spreading across the countryside invite you to cleanse your body and soul. In our parks you may spot yoga practitioners or hear the infectious sound of laugh therapy.


Beach and spas

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Beach and spas toiv Mon, 04/25/2022 - 10:18 A ladies’ beach more than 100 years old

In the 1920s Pärnu beach was divided into three parts: the ladies’ beach, the gent’s beach and the mixed beach. A separate ladies’ beach was distinctive to that period and women in swimming costumes could enjoy themselves in privacy. Pärnu ladies’ beach is still open for the very same reason, and today women can sunbathe in the nude without being disturbed.


Tranquil vacation on a secluded beach

When travelling along the coastline you can find several beaches covered with white sand and pine forests. The best-known is undoubtedly Valgerand (White Beach). However, tranquillity and privacy can be found elsewhere, such as Matsi Beach to the North of the city and Reiu and Kabli Beaches to the South. For those interested in fishing and swimming there are Lakes Tõhela and Rae.


Bovines on beachside meadows

The Pärnu seaside nature conservation area covers 341 hectares of forests, lagoons and beachside meadows, which are low grasslands where bulrushes are regularly mown and Highland Cattle are herded. Many birds choose to nest in these maintained areas.


Mud and peat ease your stress

In Pärnu you can enjoy treatments with Estonian natural resources. For instance, therapeutic mud is collected from Lake Ermistu in Pärnu County and therapeutic peat from a bog near Viljandi. These treatments make you feel relaxed and help curb your stress levels.


Cold therapy relieves your pain

The idea of cold therapy originates from Japan. The treatment is administered in a special cold chamber at extremely low temperatures: from -100 to -120 ºC. A single session lasts from 1.5 to 3 minutes. In dry and cold air you get a peculiar stinging or pinching feeling which does notresemble the usual sensation of cold. Cold therapy works especially well if you have joint ailments or pain.


Play golf like in the old days

In Valgerand near Pärnu, there are two golf courses and both have an 18-hole course as well as a pay-and-play type 9-hole course. Anybody can play golf here: beginners get friendly advice and master players can test their skills. You also have a unique opportunity to try out our antique hickory golf, originating from the beginning of the 20th century.


A hot sauna lifts your mood

Saunas helped ancient Estonians recover from tiring field work. In today’s saunas all four elements – fire, water, air and earth – are used for therapeutic purposes. The sauna hearth is doused with water and the body is stimulated with birch or juniper branches. The heat is followed by something completely opposite – a jump into cold water or snow. In the city you find modern saunas and water parks, but in our country farms you can also try out ancient smoke saunas and sit in a bath barrel admiring the stars.


Discover the city

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Discover the city toiv Mon, 04/25/2022 - 10:03 A story of a castle town

Pärnu Vallikäär (Riverside) invites visitors with an illuminated shorefront promenade, where a romantic footbridge arches over a moat and the highest fountain in Estonia pleases you with spectacular displays of colour. The amphitheatre-like concert venue calls you to take part in various cultural events. In a restored smithy located next to the Venus Bastion, you can observe traditional smithery and make yourself a souvenir coin. Scale models displayed at Vallikäär provide a visual overview of the development of Pärnu from a castle town into a modern resort. Both the passageway through the fort wall and the Tallinn Gate, which marked the beginning of the former coachway, are restored. Children can have fun on a sea-theme playground.


Parks and beaches are waiting for picnickers

Pärnu County’s beautiful and unspoilt nature is much more than just delightful views and clean air. Pärnu’s green parks are its pride and joy. Lovely fountains, colourful flower beds and secluded benches in the cool shade of big trees provide ideal places for a picnic.

However, there are also amenities of modern life because wireless Internet is available in many parks. You will remember the moments spent with your special someone by the lighthouse at the end of the pier at the mouth of Pärnu River. If you wish to enjoy real peace and quiet, you can take a trip to the countryside surrounding the city. You are welcome to our plentiful picnic sites, hiking tracks, bird watching towers and breathtaking sandy beaches in Kabli and Valgerand.


Ancient love story

Pärnu is a city of romantic walks, lovers and first kisses. The legend of the pier here is part of the city, as the city is part of the legend. According to an ancient story, young lovers must walk together to the end of the pier and seal their love there with a kiss.


Discover the city on a bicycle

In the summer a bicycle is undoubtedly the most convenient means of travel around Pärnu, with which you can easily make it to your favourite café or restaurant, concert or to the beach. You will have no problem discovering the city centre parks and getting to know the Jaanson track running along the river and, by pedalling through Pärnu, you can share in the mood of the city and take with you its smells, sounds and impressions.


Beautiful wooden architecture

You can spot many small and low wooden buildings in Pärnu. When coming here from either Tallinn, Haapsalu or Riga, colourful wooden houses line the streets. Their number is greatest when heading from the city centre towards the sea, where boulevards will lead you through the largest district of wooden villas in Estonia. Most of the old villas decorated with wooden lace have now been restored and many of them are happy to accommodate you.


See the pearls of functionalism

In Pärnu you have an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with fine Estonian architecture which can be observed in such pearls of functionalist resort architecture as the Pärnu Beach Centre, the Beach Hotel and other beachside buildings originating from the 1930s and designed by Mr Olev Siinmaa, who was then the city architect.

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